Survival Kit for Expat Wives #3


I’m in my intellectual mood in the last couple of days…

Since my last post, the life has been good to us; discovering a “simple/cosy/cheap” pool & restaurant place with my husband, enjoying our weekends there with three little Rottweilers surrounded by the silent village life, and even having a job interview myself (of course will write about this one in another post)…

Rocky I, Rocky II and Rocky III

Additionally, I’ve found a great new “spend your time with quality” item…

We bought an Apple TV some time ago this year. My husband thought it would be better for me being able to watch my Turkish channels’ live stream on our TV instead of being imprisoned on the small ipad screen (comparison to TV of course, otherwise I am quite happy with its size).

First days the little box arrived into our house, I couldn’t stop myself sitting in front of TV all day long, watching all the missed episodes of my only one Turkish series that I used to enjoy while I was still living in Istanbul.

Actually and surprisingly, here in Serbia, people are very interested in the subjects like “Sulejman” (Suleiman the Magnificent), “Harem life”, “the complicated love/sex affairs in a family who is living in a big mansion”, so that you may easily find Turkish TV series on the local channels with Serbian subtitles.

As you can imagine, the variety they have (Muhtesem Yuzyil, Asi, Kuzey/Guney, Ask-i Memnu, Yaprak Dokumu, etc.) is sadly not answering my needs. I also didn’t like to watch these ones before my arrival to Belgrade. I don’t like them because those series mostly consist;

* A passage in history which was in its real time happening quite different than how it’s shown on the screen,

* Very well made up hair / facial make-up of the actresses which look like they just came from the wellness saloon when in the scene you see them as they’re just trying to wake up in the bed, or some women (without well made up hair / make-up) whom you only see crying everytime they show up in any episodes,

Type No#1 Turkish Lady
Sitting in her luxury terrace with her “always ready” hair, make-up and of course a house maid

Type No#2 Turkish Lady
Always crying 😦

* Very funnily fake houses which most of the Turkish families can not afford at all (you may find so many of these houses on real estate agencies’ websites, starting from 200 USD daily rental price going higher and higher -a new income resource for giant landlords in my hometown- $$$),

* Very expensive cars of the family members which in real life you will luckily see maybe only one or two in a week on the streets of Istanbul,

* Very long “no words – only sad look” scenes where the background depressive music is played when we have to understand the actor/actress is thinking “heavily” and a new excitement is coming soon, something new will happen!!! Believe me, these scenes can easily go up to 2 minutes when you can have a look what’s happening on the other channels very comfortably and then come back to the series to find your main character still “thinking”…

This list can easily go longer and longer my dear readers!

I don’t know if it has anything to do with the sudden change of weather here in Belgrade, but I’m so much into learning new things which ends up as watching documentaries in the last days… I just write “BBC Horizon” on youtube, mirror it through Apple TV and VOILA!

I’ve recently been “enlighthened” (ha-ha-ha) with the knowledge of why and how come that;

…dogs have been our best friends for a very very long time,
…we select and find some people more attractive and sexy than the others,
…we, the human beings like to win and some are more successful at winning,
…cooking made us human (it looks like it really did, watch it!),
…some people always stay fat or thin,
…we sometimes have very vivid dreams,
…buddhism is the only religion which as per its original doctrines god is not existing within…

This list can also easily go longer too, but I should better stop myself and add the Serbian music video which is playing on one of the local channels at the moment whilst me writing and trying to catch a funny Turkish series on TV to take some proof photos with the aim of adding them into my post here…

Being aware usually been heard by ladies around the world, it’s now your turn “guys”, don’t miss this video!!!

Trust me, she’s not an animated figure or something like that, she’s a real Serbian lady!

Have a nice weekend all!


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