Extreme Experiences in Belgrade #2


First of all, I should admit that I know some of you will not like my opinions in this post. That’s why I’m kindly inviting you to be honest to yourself prior to reading, if you can’t or don’t want, ignore this post.

I don’t know how open-minded my readers are, but to tell you the truth when it comes to the point of exhibiting your anatomy recklessly in unexpected places, I would most likely fall into the close-minded part.

I believe that some special parts of my body are to be enjoyed only by me and my husband. I like wearing things that make me look attractive (feel comfortable and happy at the same time) like many other women on this world. I always tried to stay between the borders of “attractive” and “sexy” since I’ve realized that woman body may easily change the focus of people around as well as effecting their “labeling mechanism” both in a good and a bad way. I admit, I do the same, I label people silently (not always, I sometimes tell what I think about them to my husband or mom). I really tried to prevent this funny game of my brain but it honestly didn’t work.

Here, in Belgrade, women mostly prefer to pass to the territories of “sexy land”. I am sure when you make some google search about Serbia and its women, you’ll probably read a comment like how “beautiful” they are, how “hot” they are, how they look after themselves… I’m sorry but “objection!”.

I would bet, in any other countries, any, if the women would “prefer” to wear the things you see here on the streets, if they would “prefer” to have that much of make-up, solarium and silicon additions in different parts of their bodies, they would also look “hot” enough. We, the women gender know it very well that, any of us can look “hot” when we want. Being “hot” and “beautiful” are like apple and pear for my understanding. There are many “beautiful” women on this world from any countries, and unfortunately none of the countries have the “reserved table” for this complicated subject. Some time ago, I had read on a blog of a Serbian lady that she had visited another country which is also famous with its “beauties” and she was thinking that Serbians were better. For me it’s a very big “lie” what you read on websites for Serbian women, sorry but I also see enough “ugly” ones here everyday just like you would see anywhere on this world!

Some may get these expressions as a sign of my jealousy, or cultural shocks of the expat life but believe me it has nothing to do with those. I do enjoy beauty in everything; including women body, and when I like how a woman looks, I directly have a need of sharing it whether with the person herself or the one next to me at that moment. I’m not an authority for beauty, I’m only sharing my opinions.

So here I’m asking for some help:


Come on ladies, I really want to understand you and learn if I’m wrong!

Could you please tell me what is the exact reason for wearing your high heels (really high – I would maybe wear them to set my husband on fire if it was needed) under your cotton velvet shorts (it’s so hot here – velvet is not a good choice) that are exhibiting your butt cheeks while you’re shopping (sorry but not much shopping actually) in Idea supermarket at Usce Shopping Mall?

Do they make a special promotion in the market when you look “hot”? Believe me, they have very good promotions when you also look “comfortable”. I’m not a defender of any groups, ideas or religious affiliations that want to see the women in a specific look they think that it is the “right” one, but when I see you have some problems to carry your baby buggies on escalators and looking around for some help in the shopping mall with your “hot and uncomfortable at the same time – you buy one and get two” look; I can’t stop myself asking “Does her husband cheat on her? How would she come to that mind of looking like she’s selling herself only to buy apples from the market?”.

And to be honest, many of you would look really “nice”, “sweet” or “beautiful” if you would just change your mind set. Like what you prefer, you all look so similar to each other, and it doesn’t give any signals of a “personality” existing. I’m a bit tired of seeing the different parts of your bodies hardly covered in your gladiator sandals, lace blouses and velvet things everywhere in the city !

Actually, at this point, any of you who were patient enough to read the post until now, please let me know “what do you think?“. I am open to any ideas, I may easily accept if I’m sinking in my boat. I would also love to hear from ladies who prefer to look “hot” in a supermarket with their baby buggies and would like to learn what they would think about me seeing in their way of outfit while they’re shopping for home with the boyfriend or husband. Would you also “label” me? I do.

By the way, why most of your guys prefer wearing sports clothes giving an impression of they just came back from their running session whilst you, next to them seem like you’re ready to party from hair to toe?

P.S. I honestly hope that I wasn’t rude or I didn’t offense and exceed any limits of any women. I like you girls! The world is way nicer with us!