Survival Kit for Expat Wives #1

My little garden

Are you holding a passport which is not very popular by the employers out of your country? Were you a full time career focused woman who earned her life only by her own before? Did you fall in love and and make the big decision of moving next to your dear one?

Don’t tell me now that you also don’t speak the local language of the country you’re currently living in and you have no interest to learn it in the near future as you know the stay in your hosting country will not be that much long!

You read many things on internet about expat life, tried to find friends in your new surrounding like how they suggest you and somehow it didn’t work?

Come next to me, I have things to tell you…

Get indoor plants!

Of course, it’s even better if you have a balcony or a garden which can increase the number of your varieties… I started with indoor gardening hobby only after moving to my new address. At my old address, I was wondering how could it happen that my mom was feeling (and looking) so happy/relaxed while she was having her “do not disturb me” time with her flowers. I had no clue for indoor plants other than the information that you have to water them time to time, they may need sun-light and re-potting as well! Believe me, these creatures help you a lot along your new path of life!

I think I’m still at the beginner phase of this nice hobby; at least once a week I spend one-two hours searching information on internet, which plant likes what, why that one is still not flowering, shall I give more water, and etc. I started only with two or three which looked attractive to me in the market, and now I call the two designated areas as “my gardens”! I even could succeed to propagate some of them and felt ready to step up to the bonsai world!

My first bonsai – Ficus Ginseng (the shadow of my tree looks quite good for meditation)

Although my cheap, rookie type of bonsai (found during one of my “curious about the new city walking tours” when I had just arrived Belgrade; I was looking around like a tourist in a bazaar and that little poor thing was winking) doesn’t look very artistic like the image of what you have for a “bonsai”, I like her a lot, and she survived all the tactics I’ve tried until now. So that I thought it was the right time to recognize her performance, and I bought a new pot, a 5 liters bag of special soil and two little meditating figures during our vacation time in Germany (yes, I carried those with me here as I couldn’t find a bonsai pot in Belgrade, and the soil & decorative items were both great coincidences for me that I could find them all at Dehner).

Of course right after the moms in the family have realized that I had a new interest, they also gave me some babies to be grown up…

My colorful Coleus Plant donated by mom
(It arrived our house very small only with three leaves, so it’s highly recommended for “fast result oriented” ladies)

My other easy care Ivy Plant donated by mother in law
(No need to say that it arrived our house with three leaves as well)

And we’ll continue our tour with some other beauties…

My Reading Corner

My “never ever stopping to bloom”        African Violet

My “trying to be a bonsai” Jade Plant

The cutest Orchid – with the little girl who travelled with us from Germany as well

My “not yet blossomed” Kalanchoes
(first trials of propogation)

If you’re still not bored of this feminine talk and can still continue to scroll down the page, then I’m sure you can help me for this one…

Please help me find the name of this one!
I actually bought it at Pet Centar Beograd which was supposed to be for our aquariums,         it didn’t look happy there that I took it out to take a breath which ended up:              “happier and getting bigger”!

And, for those of you who are not interested in my “flower business”, wait for your new “survival kit” items in the next posts!