Things I Like About Belgrade #1

A manicure bar in Usce Shopping Mall

Ok, this post goes mostly to the ladies who are travelling to Belgrade! Sorry guys!!!

One of the things I like about this city is having the luxury of having manicure stations / corners / bars (whatever you want to call it like – for me it’s a bar ) nearly all around the city… The first time I discovered them, it was quite a different experience with what I got used in my hometown… I am sure for some of you, it’s something very normal but things were not like that on my side at all… First of all, these corners are settled in the public areas of shopping malls; which means you’re right at the centre of people passing you which you will not find in my country (even if there’s a few of them, I haven’t come across any; if you want to have manicure in Turkey you should visit a hairdresser). The second difference is about the ergonomy; everytime I had a manicure session I always had it on my mind that how difficult it should be for the manicurist to sit on a very tiny chair where it looks totally uncomfortable, and why do they have to sit in that low area which for sure makes a hell of pain at their back at the end of the day??? Here, I feel much better about the nice ladies while they’re dealing with my very sensitive skin in a bar like environment, they look like they’ll serve you a nice cocktail, and not from the “underground”, just at the same level of height with you!!! Why I expressed the sensitivity of my skin ┬áis just because of another difference for the service you get here… I’m sorry to write it and I don’t mean to be offensive, but whenever I tried a new manicurist in my hometown, the first time I have the session as the lady is not aware of my funny skin, we always had to experience the “cutting it deep and stopping the blood” ritual which is annoying both the customer and the manicurist herself! Why there has been no cruel rituals like that at wherever I’ve had my sessions here??? Ok, I stop writing a horror movie and we go on with the differences… The products; both for the quality and quantity… When you have your session in Belgrade, these ladies give you the feeling like you have a massage session in the spa! No, I’m not exaggerating ladies, come and see! You get mostly very good brands and the session is including cleaning, peeling, hand mask, nail file/buffer, base coat, strengthener, nail polish in every crazy color, top coat, oils; each and every step of hand care!!! You get only half of these steps in my hometown…And of course you can also have a session for gel manicure, it’s something very common that Serbian ladies prefer to use… Of course I had no clue what it was before I started to live in Belgrade (I know I’m not a fashion genie, you may easily call me old-fashioned!)… And it really looks chic but I still couldn’t make my mind of having long nails, somehow it’s not me but I do like to see it on other women, it’s so cool especially with the designs they have here, you really see very creative ladies! Now the best is coming, the price!!! You pay only between 500-800 Serbian Dinars, which is approximately 5-8 Euros!!! I don’t know about the prices in your neighborhood but I know about the prices in Istanbul and it’s twice of what I pay here only to get the half of the service in Belgrade! It’s crazy!

Sorry for keeping it long as it’s just a simple manicure service for some of you, but here all the manicurists I’ve met deserve 10 out of 10 for their professionalism!

So do not forget to spare 30 minutes of yours to have your best manicure ritual next time you visit Belgrade!!!