Extreme Experiences in Belgrade #1

Ok, it already started hitting up to 37 degrees here and being very well aware about the effects of high temperature on human body, I thought it’s now the right time to write about one of my extremely hot weather experiences which will continue with other interesting stories in the next coming days… You may easily eye witness these in Belgrade too, I’m only not sure if you would find these facts somewhere else on internet prior to your visit!

We had a nice one week escape to Germany, a lovely time with my husband taking daily trips to the famous “Romantische Strasse” where it looked like the time stopped and it was only us in this big world as you can imagine from how Germans named the area, absolutely romantic! No, no, no, don’t expect for a memoir of sweet times that will warm up your hearts ladies and gentlemen, wait for a shocking experience (especially on my side, realizing it especially in the last couple of days much more that I was grown up in a conservative style) just the day after we arrived back to Belgrade!

Having the opportunity of my husband’s very rarely found consecutive two off days and my insistence on a nice tanned skin this year (so that I can wear my new dresses we bought from Wertheim Village – one of the outlet villages in Germany where you can grab a sexy Versace dress cheaper than nearly half of the price tag in their normal shops, yes it’s a shopping heaven! – more happily); we were headed to one of the infrequent outdoor pools in the city. We discovered this pool last summer and went there for 4-5 times although we were thinking it’s a bit long way to take with our nice “pirate taxi driver” (anyone who is planning to visit Belgrade should better be careful about the taximeters in legal ones; I can share the contact details of our pirate if you’re interested and only when I’m convinced that it will not cause any trouble to him who does not speak a word of English although whom I think he’s one of the very least people you would not need a common language to communicate with!), unfortunately there is  no public transportation alternatives to arrive there. Of course we ended up going to the same pool this year again, at the end of our google searches learning that there hasn’t been much development for outdoor pools other than Ada lake which is not appealing us for swimming purposes that much… Our pool area is named “S Klub” where some locals spend their vacation time in the small hotel part and also organize their wedding parties time to time in the restaurant near by the pool, for daily visitors you can enjoy the sun and the water all day long with very cheap prices for food & beverage (beer is surprisingly around 100 dinars) and the daily entrance fee (400 dinars for week days – 500 for weekends). The clientele mostly consists local people from all age groups, although we learnt in our last visit that as well as the number of children splashing and screaming; the young couples having their intimate moments in the water have increased a lot comparison to the last year (both for the quantity and quality!). Dear my patient readers, here we go with the “Extreme Experiences in Belgrade No#1”; yes, we’re exactly talking about having sex in a public pool!

We arrived to the “open air cinema” just before noontime; welcomed by three teenagers sitting and doing nothing at the desk (which was not existing so that you would try to find where to pay for about 15 minutes and then easily ignore the daily entrance fee before – yes it happened 2 times for us last summer – it seems like they’re more organized now), trying to solve the problem of 2 people standing in front of them and saying in English “2 tickets please”, looking at us like we just arrived from another planet and our aim is to exterminate the human race on earth, trying to find out the meaning of “2” in their language and then understanding that we are 2 people who wants to pay as there were no other people accompanying us! And of course our first nice comment came right after the payment; “this should be the reason of high manpower at the desk as it requires a teamwork to solve this kind of serious problems in this high volume operation, they’re saving the earth!!!”. We entered the wet area and decided about our place where the kids were not so close to us, and had a very relaxed time lasting around 2-3 hours… Then slowly it started to become more and more crowded every other hour. During the intro time of the movie we had a small talk with a German family who were having fun in the pool with their sweet son Felix, watched a guy with a black cowboy hat (although I still insist that was a ladies hat as it had some silver luminescent parts on); smoking his cigarette in the pool until there was nothing left from the butt to inhale anymore, ate a nice Serbian burger (the Serbian name starts with “P” but I’m sorry that I’m not very good at remembering long words from the languages I can’t speak; you get it when you say burger here), drank some beer, realized that it’s quite trendy this summer to wear Brazilian style bikinis for women and have big tattoos with very similar designs for men (which was even making me think that “these guys should be enjoying their free time here after spending years in the prison where its management puts a tattoo on your back when you go in”); who continuously walk around the pool, very rarely sitting and proudly exhibiting themselves, seeing another prisoner; shaking hands and touching the other’s shoulder in that “Hey, I’m so cool, and you?” style in stead of resting on those nice comfortable sun beds…

And then the real action part where you get the whole idea of the movie started! I realized that the pool edge just in front of where we were settled (there’s no need to mention that it’s the deepest part of the pool, right?) started to serve in a more romantic (!) way for some couples…

Of course I watched the most exciting part of the movie till it said “the end” that day, I didn’t behave like my poor husband who looked there very shy only time to time to understand if what I told him was really happening, and yes my dear readers; “the actor came” at the final of the scene!!! Unfortunately it didn’t give the feeling of what you have whilst watching an erotic movie, it only gave me the taste of “yeah, it’s not allowed to do this in a public area, we should do this whether we enjoy it or not!” (I know how exciting and nice it may be when you break some stupid rules, I’ve been there, done that; but you were looking so cheap guys!).

Afterwards I turned my back not to watch the movie anymore when I realized there was a second attempt coming up from the same couple… Sadly that edge of the pool where the young ladies are pushed and leaned against by their romantic partner was not the same edge thereafter; Felix had his very cute laughs just before he was jumping into the water only 1 hour ago and now that edge was not looking very innocent to me anymore! We stayed in the pool area for another hour just having sun bath and not swimming again… And we felt so happy to find our pirate waiting for us (as usual he was on time); he had already prepared the car nice cool for us, it somehow felt so safe?!

Please remember, this post is written by a lady who was thinking that it was “mission impossible” for her when she heard from her husband around 3 years back that; in Germany, Austria and around they could enter a mixed sauna totally naked together, and enjoy the mixed nude pools (it feels so damn good!) afterwards. But she gave her first very shy try one year ago, and she loves it now! You don’t watch any funny movies in these places, everybody is busy enough with themselves just to have a relaxing time! So, I know that minds, opinions, characteristics, taboos, beliefs and whatever you call it can change with time… And for sure I like to see the couples on the street; hand to hand, hugging, kissing, having their “we don’t give a shit about what’s happening around us” times, but; Hey! Sorry guys, I don’t want to share the water of my infrequent outdoor pool with the guys “putting a point in the sentence”!

So, here is the result; for sure we will continue our visits to S Klub, we like the place, we like the food, we like the prices and we don’t have many choices to select from; but…

Dear owners/managers of S Klub; please hear me and stop your “not disturbing the customers” style (I can tell you it’s only because of my optimistic way of thinking now), I also haven’t seen anyone who looked like a lifeguard either, see what’s happening in your property, please “disturb your customers”! Thanks!

Dear readers and travellers; forget about what they tell you on some websites for the swimming areas in Belgrade and recommendations for Ada lake! Spice up your trip and give a chance to S Klub!

P.S. I still don’t know if I’ll go into the pool in my next visit there, I may easily cool down myself with the showers around. And you can imagine that I rushed into the shower when we arrived home that day! My husband was thinking I’m one of a kind and I know that the pool is big enough, but it felt so strange! 😦