Short Note for My Lovely Followers ;)

Dear All,

Don’t worry, still alive!

The thing is… Mmmmhhh… How to say… We’re on the move!!! To Dubai!

Am I sad? Absolutely not!

Am I happy? Absolutely yes!

No, I’m not a fan of UAE, I have no clue, I’ve never been there… I also like Belgrade and its people… But, but… Honestly, I believe I might have more opportunities to work in our new place, not like here at all! And we’ll also live in a house, can you believe, we’ll have a kitchen!!! And, and, we can also move Paris (my dog who had to stay in Istanbul with my mom as they didn’t accept her to live with us in the hotel here) next to us!!!

These are for me just like an end to a nightmare!!!

Wait for my next coming (I guess another very optimistic till I’m awaken in the desert) post please!!!

P.S. Actually, you can imagine how happy I am, I quitted smoking again! 3rd day is just about to finish, yay! I don’t want to move the cigarette story with us to Dubai, like many other stories which – I think – should better stay here next to Sava & Danube rivers…